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  2. Thank you for the kind words, it is great that people can feel the blood sweat and tears that have gone into creating everything. I hope you continue to enjoy using the cheat.
  3. Hey there! This is my honest review about the software, let's start from the loader: Loader - Well, first of all the loader looks amazing to me with it's console style and colors in it! I've tried it many times and it works with no problems. It's pretty easy to use which is cool too. Now let's talk about the software. The legitbot is really good, the triggerbot works perfectly fine and it has no bugs in it. Other thing I really like is that there aren't any FPS drops which is surprisingly cool for the users. The visuals are so nice, the grenade esp looks awesome to me and it's timer too. Plus that the menu is simple and easy to use, when you open the menu you're seeing a little cool orange cursor which you're using to navigate trough the different tabs and enable/disable settings. My overall rating is 10 out of 10 points. The software is still in early access, but it performs really good which satisfies it's users like me. I would rather to use this perfectly working early access software than some another not that good fully completed provider. Congratulations for the nice work! Best wishes! - Andrew
  4. lilaedan

    Early Access Program

    Name:Aedan How long cheating: 3 years
  5. Mafia

    The plan

    Hi everyone, PureSkill alpha has officially began! This is a reminder that you should apply for early access if you want it. We still have a lot of work to do however I thought I would make my plans clear as they are definitely up for discussion with the community. I will use the analogy of building a house. Stage 1 ( current ): The first stage what I have almost finished is the early access build, this is a super early build which tests the foundations of what we have, and it's well done. We just need to test this before going any further, make sure we are happy with it, as this is what the whole of our cheats are going to be built on. There are a few final things I need to finish before we can start making some walls (features). After this is done I plan on opening up fully to the public. Stage 2: Now we can finally start focusing more on the features of the cheat more and more, this is the perfect place to be where the loader/infrastructure won't require too much work, we can start adding cloud functionality and get user feedback, I expect the cheat to be done pretty quickly when we get to here. Stage 3: Once the core cheat functionality is mostly finished I plan on doing feature Friday's where we add functionality based on what the community wants. Now the big part of what I want your opinion on. While development is going on I want to keep the cheat free, however there are obviously costs that I incur so I will have a donation page up I think in the future once I feel like I need to. There are things I need to purchase. However once we get to a point I am happy with the cheat I do plan on putting the main build of the cheat behind a paywall, but will offer a 'lite' version which will be free for all to use! I am excited to hear your thoughts and hope you are as excited as I am!
  6. Thank you for the kind words, we hope you continue to enjoy using the cheat.
  7. Well where should I start? first impression: - The loader oh well, it looks nice. Its kinda old school, which i like a lot. There isnt really any bugs, and if you had pureskill v1 you know there, was some bugs with the loader, but im happy to tell you that, its the past now. - The menu and cheat itself Oh well, its clean and very very nice looking. Its not too big or too small, the nice little orange cursor is a nice touch. When you play comp, you can play with NO fps drops at all. I wouldnt be scared, to play with prime, since you can configure it to be very legit. The ESP doesnt glitch, and the triggerbot is very good, there isnt any bugs with the triggerbot, like we see with other cheats. This cheat might be in beta, but i would rather pay for beta, than some full released cheats. Overall Mafia can be a proud owner of a cheat like this, better than some fully released cheats. If there is any questions let me know, and i will answer them, and since i dont get anything for being nice i will ONLY tell the truth. - Amaw
  8. Mafia

    Early access

    Hello everyone, we are going to start accepting users for Early access on Friday at 6pm GMT. We are excited to announce this is the first stage of a multi part plan to get PureSkill finished as soon as possible. I have been using the cheat for a week on my main and it feels great to use! I can't wait for you all to use it. This is a reminder to apply for Early Access if you would like to use it once we start reviewing applications. I would also like to remind everyone it doesn't matter who you are you will all have equal chances of being accepted. You can use this link to apply: https://pureskill.us/staffapplications/
  9. Awmir

    Early Access Program

    Name : Awmir Old memeber of PureSkill I was the PureSkill Member for almost 2 Years How long cheating : just 1.5 year on old PureSkill and totally about 4 years
  10. Awmir

    Early Access Program

    Name : Awmir Old memeber of PureSkill I was the PureSkill Member for almost 2 Years How long cheating : just 1.5 year on old PureSkill and totally about 4 years
  11. Arbiter

    Early Access Program

    Name: Harry How long cheating: 3 years ea would nice
  12. Arbiter

    Early Access Program

    Name: Harry How long cheating: 3 years ea would nice
  13. Arbiter

    Early Access Program

    Name: Harry How long cheating: 3 years ea would nice
  14. Hi guys, today marks a brilliant day, today I am going to start rolling out PureSkill Early access slowly but surely. I expect to finish everything by today ready to trusted people (Advanced users) and we will look to expand this to early access users in the future as there are a lot of things that we still have to do. Please note, if you haven't heard a verdict on your application then do not worry we haven't reviewed them yet as we are not ready to accept them. We will be able to start small and work our way up. I still have a few things to work on however we are very close now. Expect to be able to use the cheat in around a day. All the best Alex
  15. Mafia

    Advanced reclaim

    Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 9

    Advanced users who paid can claim back their advanced membership here. Please add payment proof if possible (even a link to our dms etc.) Any attempts to trick us will be taken seriously.
  16. Is esea vac proof?
  17. Stend2

    PureSkill HvH

    Wack get a job
  18. Akari

    PureSkill HvH

    delete thread pls 🙂 i cant leak purkill dev bild or i get banid
  19. Akari

    PureSkill HvH

    ez clip with purkil beta Ryxnn bot.mp4
  20. Name: Michael I've been cheating around 4 years in several games.
  21. Name: Chen How Long I've been cheating: around 2 years ❤️
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