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The plan

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Hi everyone,

PureSkill alpha has officially began! This is a reminder that you should apply for early access if you want it. We still have a lot of work to do however I thought I would make my plans clear as they are definitely up for discussion with the community. I will use the analogy of building a house.

Stage 1 ( current ):

The first stage what I have almost finished is the early access build, this is a super early build which tests the foundations of what we have, and it's well done. We just need to test this before going any further, make sure we are happy with it, as this is what the whole of our cheats are going to be built on. There are a few final things I need to finish before we can start making some walls (features). After this is done I plan on opening up fully to the public.

Stage 2:

Now we can finally start focusing more on the features of the cheat more and more, this is the perfect place to be where the loader/infrastructure won't require too much work, we can start adding cloud functionality and get user feedback, I expect the cheat to be done pretty quickly when we get to here. 

Stage 3:

Once the core cheat functionality is mostly finished I plan on doing feature Friday's where we add functionality based on what the community wants. 


Now the big part of what I want your opinion on. While development is going on I want to keep the cheat free, however there are obviously costs that I incur so I will have a donation page up I think in the future once I feel like I need to. There are things I need to purchase. However once we get to a point I am happy with the cheat I do plan on putting the main build of the cheat behind a paywall, but will offer a 'lite' version which will be free for all to use!


I am excited to hear your thoughts and hope you are as excited as I am!

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