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Welcome to PureSkill

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Hello everyone, 

Welcome back! It's been a while. I hope you are all well. Hope I threw off the UID warriors with the timestamp hint in the discord.

To sum it up in a nutshell PureSkill is going to be rebooted however in a different way, with a clean slate, all previous staff members etc will have to re earn their ranks unless explicitly picked by me, if you weren't then I apologise however do not take this personally, we are back and I would like to give everyone an open chance to win some prizes.

The only people who will have their rank restored are Advanced users, to get this rank back please send me a message. 

I am going to be creating a free cheat also as we are going to be fully open to the public, however there will be a paid one in the future also which we are working hard on.

Want a special rank and beta access?


Decode this message, it'll be hard though, so good luck! You can team up however please post in the codebreakers discord channel. 

The special rank can only be obtained by solving my puzzles. 


Hint: 54686520636C756520697320696E2074686520696D616765


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